Best Practices for SEO Keyword Research

The Fourth step in the process of Search Engine Optimization is performing the keyword research for your targeted web pages using tools like Google Ads, SemRush, Ubersuggest etc whichever is accurate.

Each web page contains regular keywords and a Focus Keyword.

Generally, we use this focus keyword in the URL, Meta Title, Meta Description, Headings, Content, Links(external and internal) and Images in the on-page optimization factors.

Keyword Research Process 

First and foremost important steps required in performing the process of keyword research are:


Let’s go into a detailed description of the keyword research process

  1. We must COLLECT IDEAS of which keywords might be helpful to rank your website top in the search engines and ensure maximum visibility from the user’s side.

         * Brainstorm: Analyse your own ideas based on certain factors like

            What problem does your website solve?

            What phrases, adjectives or nouns are related to your website?

            Words and adjectives that directly describe your website and make a list of the relevant keywords for your targeted web page or business.

* Competitors: Get an idea by analysing the competitors used keywords which helped them in ranking on top of the search engines and try to make a list of the relevant keywords based on these keywords.

* Ideas from tools: Shortlist the related and pertinent keywords by using tools like Google Ads keyword research, Ubersuggest, SEMRUSH etc.

Image shows the ideas for the keyword “digital marketing companies in hyderabad” suggested by the tool Ubersuggest.

   2) The second required step is to FIND THE SEARCH VOLUME i.e the number of searches done for that particular keyword you choose to shortlist.

Image shows the search volume or the number of searches done for the keyword “digital marketing companies in hyderabad”.

3) Here you need to FIND THE NUMBER OF PAGES IN GOOGLE SEARCH. It means that you need to give in the opted keyword in the search engine and find out how many pages exactly contain the opted keyword.

     It is important to enter the keyword/text in double quotations “ ” i.e the exact keyword you are researching on.

     For example, I need to research on a keyword digital marketing companies in ” in the Google.hyderabad. So I should give as “digital marketing companies in hyderabad”.

Image shows the number of pages displayed in the Google search for the keyword “digital marketing companies in hyderabad”.

4) CALCULATE KEI that is Keyword Effectiveness Index that is equal to the result displayed when the number of pages containing the keyword is divided by the number of searches done for the same keyword i.e (number of pages or pages/number of searches or volume).

5) Finally, we step into the KEYWORD SELECTION PROCESS which determines how to select a specific keyword based on the below 3 main factors.

* Highly Relevant Keywords must be chosen.

* Keyword with the Better Search Volume must be selected.

* Keyword with the Low KEI must be picked.


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